Monday, August 9, 2010

Last all day Messy Bun

I love finishing a 'do with a messy bun but find that it is usually falling out by the afternoon. This is the only way I have found to style a messy bun that will last the entire day.

To start, make a high side pony.

For a little fun, we added colored hair to the pony.

Next, divide the pony into three sections.

Take one section and make a loop.

Secure the loop with a clear elastic (looking back, I wish at this point I would have added a little gel to keep the flyaways down).

Make loops with the other two sections.

Continue to make loops with the rest of the hair.

Add a few booby pins to secure the loops in place covering any visible elastics.

That is it! This took me ten minutes and lasted all day!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bump without the Bumpits ***No Back Combing***

I not only use this method when doing Aubrey's hair, but also use it on myself!

The best part? No back combing required!

To start, seperate a front section of hair.

Add a small, loose pony behind that section. The amount of hair you use to make this pony will determine the size of your "bump".

Position the pony towards the front of the head to create the bump.

Add bobby pins by using the "X" method. To ensure the bobby pins are secured and the style will last all day, attach them to the base of the hair that is included in the pony. That way it is sure to not go anywhere!

Spray the bump with hairspray and immediately comb the seperated front section of hair over it and secure with pins. *attach the pins to the previous ones for a secure hold using the "X" method*

Then just finish the style however you choose! For this style I crossed hair over each side to cover up the booby pins and attached it to the opposite pony.

Super easy to do and lasts all day (Aubrey wore this for two days).