Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Knotty Curls Updo

This is a really quick updo that does not require any braiding.
If you can tie a shoe, you can do this style!
side view:
We started with damp hair.
I seperated her hair into two pony tails, leaving out the front section. If you are in a hurry or if your daughter's hair is thin, I recomend just making one pony.
Then twist and secure the front section to a pony.
Ribbon was threaded through the two pony tails.
Next, seperate a section of hair into two (at this point I added gel).
Procede like you are tying a knot.
Do not pull tight and continue to make "knots" until you have a long string.
When you reach the end, gather your string of knots on the top of her head and pin.
Repeat with the rest of the hair. For Aubrey, I made three strings of knots in each pony tail.
After her hair was up, I finished the style by "sewing" the ribbon into her curls with a plastic needle just like in our Dressed Up Ballerina Bun tutorial.
And added a side clip.
Total time: 10 minutes without the ribbon
In June my Mom wore this 'do to a banquet.
These pictures were taken afterwards that evening.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Style With Feather Extension, Great For Tweens!

For a birthday present, Aubrey's friend brought her to get a hair and feather extension. She was very excited to show off her new bright pink hair so we came up with this simply sweet 'do.

To start, I parted her hair and grabbed a section in front of and behind the extension, but not including the extension. This was done to ensure the connector bead would not be visible after the style was finished.

Next I french braided around her crown, only taking sections of hair from the top. The braid was ended just short of the back of her head.

Then the other side was braided the same way.

I purposly did not have the braids end directly together so there wouldn't be a part in the finished style. Next I secured the two braids along with the middle section of hair.

And took out the ends of the original braid and added some curls.

In the end she was able to show off her new extension and her hair was kept up and out of her face!

Total braiding time: 10 minutes.