Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funky Knotted Buns

Aubrey wanted a funky 'do for hip hop class tonight so this is what we came up with!

First divide the hair into three pony tails.
As you can probably guess by the mess of the middle pony, this one is only temporary.

Next, I took a section from the middle pony and made a shoe-string
knot just like we did in our Knotty Headband post.

The ends of the knot were then secured to each side pony with
a clear elastic.

I continued these knots with the remaining middle hair section.

Made messy buns with the ponies,
and added a cute flower clip!
Then, our quick 10 minute funky 'do was done!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pigtails With Slide Braids & Ribbon

This 'do uses the same ribbon/slide braid technique from yesterday's style. To start out, I zig-zag parted two pigtails.
Next I attached a ribbon to each pigtail. ***I used wide ribbon today because I really wanted it to be noticeable and planned on using it for bows in the style.
Then take a small section of hair and make a slide braid in each pigtail using one ribbon end for the third strand of hair. For step by step instructions, see yesterdays style HERE
At this point each pigtail should have a long section of hair and a slide braid that looks like this:
Now take the ribbon tail that was not included in the slide braid and tie a bow with the tail from the braid. Basically the slide braid is now being wrappend around the pony to look like a bun and the pony is now coming out of the middle of it. Repeat on other side.
Finish view from the top:

Picture of the finished pigtails but horrible picture of Aubrey (she does not like the flash):

I think this style would give fullness to thin hair from the added ribbon.
Sorry for the poor quality pictures, we were in quite a hurry this morning, it actually looked a lot cuter in person!
Total time: 10 minutes

Monday, February 22, 2010

Buns With Ribbons~ would work for shorter hair too

Aubrey had her heart set on wearing these huge flowers in her hair tonight for bring a friend to class week at dance. Knowing that Monday mornings are really hard in our house, I started this style last night after her shower. When her hair was wet I put three half french braids in. **If you are busy or not confident in french braiding or are working with shorter hair, you could easily skip this step and instead put three pony tails in.

The next morning I tied a ribbon to each pony tail. I used a thin brown ribbon because I wanted it to blend in with her hair since we were planning on placing flowers in later. The ribbons themselves look really cute with this style and if you don't plan on using other accessories to dress it up, I recommend choosing one that matches her outfit and stands out in her hair.

Next, divide pony in half. Then make a loose braid using one end of the ribbon as your third strand.

Braid as far as you can go and end with the ribbon strand in the middle.

While holding onto the ribbon with one hand, slide the two hair strands up towards the top of the pony tail.

When you can't slide any further, tie off the end with a clear elastic.

Now take both ribbon ends and tie a bow, this will also make the bun.

Repeat previous steps on other two pony tails.

We left it like this for school.

Tonight for dance we will add these flowers for a look like this:

I think this would be a cute flower girl style, maybe with not so large of flowers. What do you think?

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Post~ Knotty Headband

For the pass few months I have been obsessed with following blogs. I start everyday by checking to see if there are any new posts by my favorite bloggers! Now that my good friend Missy started her own blog, she has inspired me to do the same! This particular hairstyle happens to be one that Aubrey wore to a birthday party at Missy's house. Hope you enjoy it!

Aubrey had a pink headband with a bow on it that matched the dress she was going to wear perfectly. The problem: headbands NEVER stay in her hair. So we improvised a little.

To start we gathered our supplies: bobby pins, brush, comb, headband, and wet set lotion from Sally's.

Next I misted her hair with water and parted it behind her ears, pulling the hair that would not be included in the headband into a temporary pony tail. I then made a side part where the bow on the beadband would be.

Then I made a horizontal part with the headband hair, temporary clipped it off to the sides and inserted the head band.

At this step I thoroughly misted her hair with the prepared wet set lotion (2-3 parts water to 1 part lotion). Next comes the knots. I unclipped the headband hair and grabbed a small section from both sides.

Those two sections of hair were then tied just like when you tie shoe laces.
Looking back now, I would have made the first knot actually under the bow. Next I continued the knots down the headband, adding a little more hair each time from both sides (similar to french braiding).
When I reached the other side, I tied it off with a clear elastic.
I repeated the first steps on the other side. Again, next time I would make my first knot directly under the bow to hide more of the headband.

At this time I pulled all the hair from the back that was in the temporary ponytail into a side ponytail right where my first row of knots ended. Next, I took the tail from my second row of knots and included it into the side ponytail using pins to secure it, covering up the back part at the same time to give it a more finished look.
I curled the ends of the pony and this is what we had:
View from the other side:
Total time: about 20 minutes.

We spent the entire next day at home. Even though I slipped the headband out, the style seemed to stay in (thanks to the wet set lotion). You can kind of see it in this picture of Aubrey with her AG doll and the x-mas tree she decorated all by herself!