Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dressed Up Ballerina Bun

We came up with this cute 'do for dance class!

To start, first I pulled her hair back into a pony tail and then made a sock bun just like in our post Quick and Easy Barbie Bun

I wrapped her hair around the base of the bun and pinned it into place.

Got out my plastic craft needle and ribbon.

And began sewing the ribbon around the bun. The ribbon really helped to hold it into place. **I found it worked best to sew going into the middle of the bun and come out the sides.

At this point I wrabbed and tied a wider ribbon around the base.

You could just tie that ribbon into a bow and leave the ends hanging down. I happen to have a large matching clip.

Then I snipped the ends of the ribbon.

I added a little gel and hairspray to make sure that it lasted through a day of school and then dance class!

I think it also would look cute if you made "X's" with the ribbon around the bun.

Total time~ 10 minutes!