Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Libby Lu Inspired 'Do

Before they closed, Aubrey's FAVORITE store was Libby Lu. It has been over a year since they shut their doors yet she still talks about going there. Recently she found this flier that she had saved and asked if I would do her hair just like it.
I had picked up some faux neon hair ($3.99 each/ buy two get one free) on my last trip to Sally's.
To start, I pulled her wet hair into a pony using a clear elastic after sectioning out the front.
Inserted the hair piece and also secured it to the pony.
Added the front section to the pony while covering up the hair piece clip.
Inserted my trusty Topsey Tail.
And made a large loop just like in our post Super Easy Up 'Do~ two ways to wear it!
I divided the tail into two sections, making sure the colored hair from the hair piece was on the opposite side.
And pulled those around each side making another pouf with the Topsey Tail.
At this point I tucked and pinned the tails to cover the elastic and smoothed them into the style with gel.
This is how it turned out:
To dress it up for dance, I added a large flower.
Side view:
This was a quick 10 minute syle that held up well through an afternoon of playing outside and then an evening of dance!


  1. Very cute! We have that clip in hair, and she always wants me to use it. Thanks for the new idea!

  2. We impulse bought some too. What else have you done with it? I'd love some more ideas! This one is cute!

  3. we HAD clip in hair lol but they got tooo ratty i had to throw them out.. this just may make me go buy some more lol