Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Loops, Braids, & Ribbon....oh my!

For her first day of dance camp Aubrey wanted a
fancy  'do.
We combined Girly Do Hair Style's  For Kimberly 'do with Princess Hairstyle's  Patriotic Ribbon Cornrows and our own style. This is what we came up with.
To start, I braided a "X" on the top of her head and again on each side.
Then, divided the remaining hair into three ponies and attached the braids.
After that the ponies were made into loops using our Topsey Tail just like our  Super Easy Up 'Do . Lastly, the ribbon was added.
It actually was a pretty simple 'do and lasted through not only dance but the next day of YMCA camp too!


  1. Thats very cute! I will have to try that one :)


  2. Just to let you know..I have just recently come across your blog but absolutely LOVE it, so PLEASE keep updating with your wonderful styles!! ;)

  3. Holy cow, how long did that take?? My daughter would never sit long enough for me to do all that.

  4. Thanks everyone! Kelly~ I made the braids the night before (during a Sccoby-doo movie) and finished with the ribbon and buns the following morning during breakfast. Breaking it up helped a lot!

  5. Lovely my daughter loves fancy hair do's and this one here is the most beautiful one yet