Monday, February 22, 2010

Buns With Ribbons~ would work for shorter hair too

Aubrey had her heart set on wearing these huge flowers in her hair tonight for bring a friend to class week at dance. Knowing that Monday mornings are really hard in our house, I started this style last night after her shower. When her hair was wet I put three half french braids in. **If you are busy or not confident in french braiding or are working with shorter hair, you could easily skip this step and instead put three pony tails in.

The next morning I tied a ribbon to each pony tail. I used a thin brown ribbon because I wanted it to blend in with her hair since we were planning on placing flowers in later. The ribbons themselves look really cute with this style and if you don't plan on using other accessories to dress it up, I recommend choosing one that matches her outfit and stands out in her hair.

Next, divide pony in half. Then make a loose braid using one end of the ribbon as your third strand.

Braid as far as you can go and end with the ribbon strand in the middle.

While holding onto the ribbon with one hand, slide the two hair strands up towards the top of the pony tail.

When you can't slide any further, tie off the end with a clear elastic.

Now take both ribbon ends and tie a bow, this will also make the bun.

Repeat previous steps on other two pony tails.

We left it like this for school.

Tonight for dance we will add these flowers for a look like this:

I think this would be a cute flower girl style, maybe with not so large of flowers. What do you think?

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