Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funky Knotted Buns

Aubrey wanted a funky 'do for hip hop class tonight so this is what we came up with!

First divide the hair into three pony tails.
As you can probably guess by the mess of the middle pony, this one is only temporary.

Next, I took a section from the middle pony and made a shoe-string
knot just like we did in our Knotty Headband post.

The ends of the knot were then secured to each side pony with
a clear elastic.

I continued these knots with the remaining middle hair section.

Made messy buns with the ponies,
and added a cute flower clip!
Then, our quick 10 minute funky 'do was done!


  1. This is great! I love the knots! and how you've anchored them down :) SO cute! She must have been the cutest one at dance!

  2. Cute! Thanks for posting on our facebook page. I love finding new hair blogs! I'll add you to my links when I get a chance later.

  3. Such a cute 'do! I think it might add a little bit of a "twist" to it if you alternate which way you tie the knots - like if you tie the first one by bringing the right side over top, tie the 2nd section by bringing the left side over... i think it will make a more fluid, snaking design along the top.

  4. I linked to your blog via MaddieGirl and look forward to seeing your styles!