Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pigtails With Slide Braids & Ribbon

This 'do uses the same ribbon/slide braid technique from yesterday's style. To start out, I zig-zag parted two pigtails.
Next I attached a ribbon to each pigtail. ***I used wide ribbon today because I really wanted it to be noticeable and planned on using it for bows in the style.
Then take a small section of hair and make a slide braid in each pigtail using one ribbon end for the third strand of hair. For step by step instructions, see yesterdays style HERE
At this point each pigtail should have a long section of hair and a slide braid that looks like this:
Now take the ribbon tail that was not included in the slide braid and tie a bow with the tail from the braid. Basically the slide braid is now being wrappend around the pony to look like a bun and the pony is now coming out of the middle of it. Repeat on other side.
Finish view from the top:

Picture of the finished pigtails but horrible picture of Aubrey (she does not like the flash):

I think this style would give fullness to thin hair from the added ribbon.
Sorry for the poor quality pictures, we were in quite a hurry this morning, it actually looked a lot cuter in person!
Total time: 10 minutes


  1. I LOVE this slide thing you do! I was going to try it this morning, but then I got distracted and did something else with ribbon instead :) I'll have to try it one of these days, tho!

    You got an award, today, too! Come check it out and pass it on :)

  2. Such cute stuff you have today!! I love your blog and your girls hair is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by and best of luck!

  3. So cute! That's something I may be able to do with my daughter's hair. Her hair is still pretty short, but pigtails will work! All of your hair do's look great!!