Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funky Faux Mohawk

After learning how to tie her shoes last weekend, we made a trip to Kohl's and Aubrey picked out these beauties:

I thought a funky 'do was a must to go with them. Last week I read
an article about how the mohawk is making a come back so this is our version!

We started this the night before. I parted her hair down the middle, sectioning out some for "bangs".
Then each part was divided into three ponies.

Next, each pony was french braided towards the middle of her head. I found it work best to do
these braids while she was laying on her side.
After that it was time for bed!

The next morning this is what we had to work with:

I then took hair from each french braid and made a third pony.
Where the french braids ended it looked like this.

Every middle pony was rolled up and pinned.

The rolls were secured by making an "X" with the pins. At this
point it was ok if the pins were showing because the side rolls would soon cover them.

The side ponies were then rolled towards the middle of her head and secured.

Then I rolled up her "bangs".

The funky faux mohawk 'do:


  1. That's soooo cute! Will it work on long hair, my girls have hair down to their waist, will have to try and see what happens.

  2. Yes it will work on longer hair. It is kind of hard to tell by the pics but Aubrey's hair is to her waist.

  3. Oh my! How absolutely adorable, fun, and crazy! Love it!

  4. Love her shoes! I have a pair, but I am sixteen. (: Love it! I crave wearing my light up shoes to school! I love wearing size three shoes while 16!! My neices and i having matching shoes. It pays of to be small!

  5. Meghan~ you are so lucky to be able to wear these shoes! They totally rock! Heads turn (especially at night) when Aubrey walks by wearing them!

  6. We are tring this out for our Destination Imagination contest tomorow!!!!!
    My DD plays a punk rocker!
    We love mohawks at our house!
    It is a fun way to be creative with your hair but not be too dramatic! Adopt a do has a cute bun hawk my dd loves and take <5 min.
    keep posting the great styles.

  7. Thanks for the compliments Ryan Family! I hope your daughter rocks the house in this funky 'do at the contest! We love Adopt A Do's bun hawk too~ it is one of Aubrey's favorites! If you get a chance tomorrow, take a pic and send it our way, you could be our first post in our "follower gallery"!

  8. My daughter (6) and I just recently became fans of your blog and this is the first hairdo we tried. I must say, WE LOVE IT!!! My daughter looks so cute and she thinks it's awesome! You have some amazing 'dos on here and I'm anxious to try out some more in the future :)