Monday, March 8, 2010

Easy Braided Headband

I originally saw THIS post over on one of my favorite blogs~
I then put my own twist on it and this is what we got:
a quick, fun style that keeps the hair
out of Aubrey's eyes and lasts through a day of kindergarten!

To start, I made five ponies on the top of her head
where our "headband" would be.

At this point, her hair that was not in the
ponies was pulled to the side where the "headband"
would end and secured with an elastic.
Next, I braided the first pony.

Then connected that braid to the next pony.

This was continued across her head. The last braid was
added to side pony.

I made a messy bun with the unbraided hair
and added a matching flower clip.

As Aubrey would say "easy, peezy, lemon squeezy"!


  1. Very cute! Like it so much will try on my little girl!

  2. I love that flower clip! Very cute style :)

  3. My kindergartner says that all the time as well!