Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick and Easy Barbie Bun

We love Barbie in our house! After watching Barbie and the Three Musketeers,
Aubrey was begging me to give her a 'do like Barbie's here:
It is hard to tell by the picture but basically the hair is in a smooth bun with a rope
braid around the base.

For this style we used a bun form. Don't have one? Check under TIPS for 
instructions on how to make your own! 

We started with wet hair.

Next, all her hair was placed into a high pony except for
a small front section.

Then I divided the pony hair in half.

And inserted the bun form around the half hair that was sectioned out.

The hair that came through the form was then smoothed out
to take the shape of the bun.

A clear elastic was placed over the bun to secure it.

I then gathered the ends of the bun hair towards the front of her head.
At this point I had three sections of hair~ the section that was
not included in the bun, the ends of the bun hair, and the bangs portion that
was sectioned out from the original pony.

Each remaining section was rope braided.

The front rope braid was pulled back and attached to the bun
and the remaining two braids were wrapped around the  base
and secured with bobby pins.

Of course we had to add a fancy clip!

 Our dog loves to watch us do hair!
This bun form is pretty big but isn't everything about Barbie over the top?

Total time: about 10 minutes.
I am thinking this would be a cute 'do for dance class! 


  1. oh that's soooo cute! It looks so smooth and perfect! Very "Barbie-esk" lol

  2. Adorable! Would be great for a princess party too.

  3. I like it a lot. I just don't know if it would work for my daughter. She has so much hair this would probably be over the top.

  4. Searching for the perfect un-matched sock to make a sock-bun form....Too cute!

  5. Thanks for the comments~ I love reading them!!!
    IAuirre- I think thicker hair would work great as the braid wrapped at the base would be thick just like Barbie's!

  6. Beautiful!!! What is the bun form!?! How do I make one or get one!?!?

  7. Mrs. Jaeger~ click on "Tips" on the top menu bar. There is a link that explains how to make one! be sure to let me know how it turns out!

  8. I still need to make a sock donut. Yes, it looks just like Barbie's hairdo.

  9. I did this hairdo on my daughter's lat day of school and she loved it! The bun turned out perfect and the braid going from the front to the bun added just the right amount of pop to finish of the do. Thank you for your site. We have enjoyed doing all the dos that you post! Again THANKS!